Harry Potter Magical Gadget – 4

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Invisibility Cloak

Who wouldn’t like the ability to become completely invisible to the naked eye? Harry Potter is gifted a magical invisibility cloak, which he uses on several occasions. Given how useful such a device would be, scientists are working hard on it and are closer than ever before.

The most famous demonstration of this technology was at TEDx, when engineer Baille Zhang showed the world’s first 3D invisibility cloak. Most scientists working on this idea are playing with the concept of bending light. Light bouncing off an object is what helps you “see” a 3D object. So these cloaks are trying to bend the light in a way where instead of bouncing back to you, it flattens.

Even though we’re getting close, we’re several years away from seeing it in our households. Invisibility cloaks would first make it into the defence industry, after which we might see their commercial use.

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