Harry Potter Magical Gadget – 5

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One of the coolest but underrated gizmos in the Potter universe, the omnioculars are advanced binoculars. Imagine this: when you’re watching any sport live, you’ll not only be able to magnify your vision, you’ll also be able to zoom in on any particular player and track them automatically; watch replays (including slow-motion) of the action; and receive on-screen prompts informing you about the game.

In a nutshell, imagine going to a football game and getting the full TV experience of player tracking and replays right in the stadium. Sony is already making something similar to this, a pair of digital video-recording binoculars colloquially called “Vinoculars”.

Vinoculars can instantly replay anything you have just seen. But that’s where it ends. The other features, like on-screen prompts and automatic tracking, aren’t on the cards. Yet.

In a way, you could take the Vinoculars and add augmented reality like with Google Glass to provide those details. Going forward, we might even see LED contact lenses replacing all of this.

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